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Upgraded to 4K! Downtown Juneau from Douglas Island at 475ft elevation

Current Timelapse(19.47 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(21.59 MB)

North Gastineau Channel from Douglas Island at 475ft elevation

Current Timelapse(14.50 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(16.69 MB)

Looking South from Downtown Juneau 4K

Current Timelapse(16.87 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(19.20 MB)

Looking West from Squirez rest in Auke Bay

Current Timelapse(13.39 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(16.71 MB)

Looking North from Douglas Boat Harbor

Current Timelapse(18.25 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(21.30 MB)

Looking North from DOT 3 Mile

Current Timelapse(19.53 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(19.77 MB)

Looking South from DOT 3 Mile

Current Timelapse(17.86 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(20.67 MB)

Looking South of the airport in Hoonah

Current Timelapse(20.90 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(24.82 MB)

Looking West from the Marine View Center

Current Timelapse(13.78 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(16.24 MB)

Looking North from the Marine View Center

Current Timelapse(13.22 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(15.62 MB)

Looking south from the Marine View Center

Current Timelapse(16.81 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(20.02 MB)

Looking North from Pederson Hill

Current Timelapse(24.70 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(25.13 MB)

Looking South from Pederson Hill

Current Timelapse(19.93 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(21.95 MB)

Looking Northwest in downtown Hoonah

Current Timelapse(19.49 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(22.91 MB)

Looking East from downtown Hoonah

Current Timelapse(23.42 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(25.11 MB)

Looking Southeast from downtown Hoonah

Current Timelapse(25.90 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(29.97 MB)

Looking West down the dock from Hoonah City Dock

Current Timelapse(31.12 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(43.00 MB)

Looking West from Hoonah City Dock

Current Timelapse(20.76 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(31.02 MB)

Looking South from Hoonah Boat Launch

Current Timelapse(15.92 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(21.96 MB)

Looking Southwest from Spuhn Island

Current Timelapse(19.94 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(23.30 MB)

Looking Northwest from Spuhn Island

Current Timelapse(19.25 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(25.34 MB)

Looking North from Spuhn Island

Current Timelapse(16.96 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(22.42 MB)

Tram looking North East

Current Timelapse(17.64 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(18.76 MB)

Tram looking South

Current Timelapse(13.59 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(15.30 MB)

Douglas Boat harbor looking south

Current Timelapse(18.92 MB)  -  Yesterdays Timelapse(23.32 MB)

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